See how the developer’s Xbox Series X devkit has 40GB of memory

Companies, including Microsoft, are sending developers a Devkit version of their home devices such as Xbox Series X to developers, which is a special version in order to help in the development process in their upcoming projects, whether the device or the auxiliary software in one package.

The Gamers Nexus channel, which specializes in hardware on YouTube, managed to obtain the developer version of the Xbox Series X, and it is, as everyone knows, the most powerful console of the current generation from Microsoft, although the latter banned it from digital stores in the event that someone managed to obtain it and try with it.

For the channel, it was not easy in any way to bypass this ban, the purpose of acquiring the device is just to do an internal analysis of its internal snapshot, but in the end he managed to do that, and we don’t know how he will deal in the future with Microsoft and how they will react.

As you have seen, the Xbox Series X devkit, which has been banned by the company, appears to be equipped with a small front screen that is intended to display debug information, and in the back you can see an additional 10 GB port for debugging, and of course it was not easy to open the device, This is because Microsoft assembled the device very securely.

The device has a larger-than-usual set of key microcircuits, including the chip covered by a powerful copper heatsink, and two additional cooling fans with heat pads that specifically cover the hot parts of the control unit outside the main heat sink.

The Devkit is equipped with additional memory as seen in the slides, which contains 40 GB, while the RAM speed of the standard version is 16 GB but it is exactly the same in the specifications of the Xbox Series X.

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