Payday 3 game developer confirms that it has entered the full development phase, ready for its launch in 2023.

PAYDAY 3 is a high-octane co-op shooting game
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Since it was announced in the middle of last year, Payday 3 has been absent from the news scene. But the development team is now back through the community manager to confirm that the game is in the full development stage in preparation for its launch in 2023.

The Starbreeze development team hosted a simple AMA episode, posted by the Reddit community, through its Community Manager Elizabeth. They confirmed that Payday 3 has entered the full development stage and is scheduled to be released on time sometime in 2023. Elizabeth also introduced the players to some of the development team members, including the director and others.

Here is some information about the development team and the game revealed during the event:
The game’s main producer is the producer of the previous game, Tobias, who will be assisted by another producer, Cuba.
The new part has entered the stage of full development and will see the return of the main gang from the previous part.
Enemies will maintain their shape from the previous part, and more settings and a variety of weapons will be added to them.
The whole story of the PAYDAY gang will be shared in the next installment. There will be areas familiar to players from the previous parts and completely new areas to be arranged according to the timeline of the story.
Weapons will witness a great variety that satisfies most players, with the ability to add more of them in upcoming updates or post-launch content.
Finally, all complaints about players have been taken into account and improved, removed or enhanced in the next part. For example, the range of weapons was considered very short, especially in the online phase and confronting the police.
The next part will be published for the first time by a new company that has recently been partnered with it called Prime Matter, and the game has been described as follows:

PAYDAY 3 is a high-octane co-op shooter set in a Hollywood-like setting that allows players to live out the fantasy of being world-class criminals, joining the legendary PAYDAY gang and mastering the art of heist.

The game will be released sometime next year on new and previous generation consoles as well as PC.

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