Naughty Dog Studio is working on a new fantasy game project, and Druckmann will not participate in it..

The new project is separate from previous studio projects

Naughty Dog Naughty Dog
A few days ago, many details appeared about the upcoming project of the Naughty Dog studio, where it was strongly suggested that it would be The Last Of Us Remake or another part of the Uncharted series, as we learned recently, but it will be a completely new project.

A recent source claimed that Naughty Dog Studio is preparing to unveil a completely new project that has nothing to do with The Last Of Us Remake or the Uncharted series. She is currently in the studio.

Also, the most important thing that the source indicated is that Neil Druckmann will not be involved in the development of this project in any way. However, he did not specify who will direct.

But what will give priority to this new project for its disclosure is that it has entered the stage of full development. Usually, players look for new projects as well as remakes, but fans of Naughty Dog can’t accept the idea of ​​him leaving two uncharted projects, Uncharted or The Last Of Us, because they have been associated with it for many years.

Unfortunately, there are no other details on this subject, and we also do not forget that the online game The Last Of Us 2 is still under development until this moment and it may be out or announced at any time.

In another news, Nolan North, the performer of Nathan Drake’s character, revealed new details regarding the exit of the writer of the Uncharted series, Amy Henning, noting, however, that with her exit, all related ideas were canceled, especially in the last fourth part.

What are your expectations for the new studio project, whether it will be the game The Punisher or the game Moon Knight that the creative director and head of the studio Neil Druckman hinted at..?

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