Kojima raises the doubts of the players with continuous new hints for his next project.

What is it..?

Hideo Kojima Hideo Kojima
We are still waiting for official news related to the project of developer Hideo Kojima, but unfortunately we have so far only received very strange and unexplained hints. What is the nature and identity of this new project?

Kojima feels fun when he thrills his fans, but he does not know that he is playing with the nerves of his fans by publishing different pictures that definitely indicate something, as we used to in his past projects, and one of the most social networks that the developer uses are Twitter and Instagram, recently he published what you will see below .


The developer has begun greatly to publish pictures related to time in general and watches in particular, indicating that the disclosure of the new project is related to time only, or that it may indicate through these pictures the date of the announcement or its disclosure and wait for the players to decipher a specific puzzle in these pictures And extract the appointment, see more also below.

This image, for example, was taken by Hideo, as is evident inside the kinetic capture studio, which also indicates that this section of the development process for his new game has begun, as rumors indicate that Kojima has two projects, one of which will be exclusive to Xbox and Microsoft in particular, as we mentioned in one previous news.

We will let you guess the new project, is it Death Stranding 2, for example, or is it a completely new project?

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