Flying Wild Hog wants to create a Top Down game library and start with Space Punks

Developed with Unreal Engine 4

Top-Down Shooter
One of the most popular types of games that have begun to gain popularity by players in recent years is Top-Down Shooter games or top-down shooting games, in which you see the map and the character from the top, and it is the closest type to strategy games.

Michael Cook, Creative Director of Game Development Company Flying Wild Hog for the Unreal Engine 4 game Space Punks and will be released in its full version in the coming days, said via california18:

This isn’t going to be a five-hour game, let’s create a game that lasts for years.

We had to come up with an art style that didn’t require us to modify it every year or two.

We decided to create something elegant, with a hint of comic strip style. It’s so much fun. and simple

When you create a game in first person, you focus on different aspects of things like weapon, sound and feel, but it is completely different when you create a game with top-level gameplay.

This desire to create a lively and evolving online cooperative role-playing game helped motivate many of the design choices made in the early start of Space Punks.

Flying Wild Hog

But there was another desire as well. The Flying Wild Hogs team was playing a lot of top-down games at the time such as HELLDIVERS, and the team noted that this genre didn’t seem to have many games that also included RPG and rhythm action elements. Fast., so the studio’s decision is to diversify its game library.

Developer and Creative Director Michael Cook concluded that the game will consist of four playable characters during the open beta period, and the team has plans to create more as the game continues to develop.

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