The overthrow of the PlayStation 4 gang in the Riyadh region – video

The accused have been referred to the competent authorities
Amanat Al Asimah Gang Playstation 4
A blessed step from the Capital Municipality and the security authorities that are making every effort to protect the consumer, as a group of workers (the PlayStation 4 gang) were arrested, who practice fraud and deception for trading.

The Riyadh Municipality revealed today, through a video, a group of expatriates who work as a gang to collect gaming devices, including broken PlayStation 4 devices, and then repair them and then resell them as new devices.

According to what was declared by the competent authorities in the Municipality, these workers, who were known in the media as the PlayStation 4 gang, buy old and broken devices and collect them in one of the apartments in Riyadh, where an integrated repair workshop has been established. Then they dismantle, repair and renew these devices and then use fake “barcode” stickers that they put on these devices to deceive consumers that they are new devices and are sold at full price.

The secretariat revealed that, through monitoring and follow-up, in cooperation with 12 specialized security agencies through a joint operations room, this group was monitored and followed up, and the location was determined and completely controlled through a tight ambush. All tools and equipment in the place were confiscated. While the accused were referred to the competent authorities for investigation and completion of legal procedures against them.

A blessed step from the security authorities to protect the consumer, who easily falls prey to such groups that practice fraud and deception for the sake of trading.

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