Rumor: The leak of the first image showing the size of the map for the upcoming Need For Speed game..

You will divide the game world into 6 regions

Need For Speed ​​Need For Speed
Various information has begun to appear about the new Need For Speed ​​game, which is said to be released this year for the new current generation, and indeed, it is rumored that the first images of the game’s map have been leaked.

Through the Reddit community, one of the players attached an image that is said to belong to the map of the upcoming Need For Speed ​​game, where this image shows the size of the map, which will be similar to the previous parts, as you can see below.

As we can see, it seems that the game map, if these leaks are true, will divide the events of the game into 6 regions, for each region it is possible to ask the players to have a certain level and a specific vehicle that specializes in the terrain of the regions.

Previous news It was said that the game will get graphics mixed between anime and realistic graphics in order to add to the small unnoticed details subtle elements, it will be similar to the part that was released in 2014 and it was said that it was one of the best parts that was well received by the masses.

EA intends to restore the series to its former glory by appointing Criterion Games Studio as its developer, who is the godfather of the series. Also, there are previous sources confirmed that the developer of Dirt 5, Codemasters studio, will help in the development of the next part.

What do our followers think of the leaked image of the size of the upcoming game’s map, do you think it is big enough if the rumor is true and it turns out that it will return to the next game..?

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