Finishing the Elden Ring game in just 5 minutes.. and maybe the last record

We are still with you in following the famous player Distortion2 who still outperforms himself every week by breaking records, and this time he managed to finish the Elden Ring game in 5 minutes.

The player, as you know, finished the game in a record time several times in order to maintain his track record among the other Speed ​​runners, to remain the fastest among them ever, and it does not seem that there are players who were able to approach his last numbers.

We won’t dwell on you much, so see below how he took advantage of the game’s environment and Mega Zip Glitch trick for quick navigation, which developer FromSoftware may have fixed with a recent update to the game, so we may not see a new record in the coming weeks.

As you have seen, the player is still exploiting and using the new Mega Zip Glitch in order to traverse much greater distances than before, in addition to making some minor changes in the gameplay strategy in order to finish the game, by switching between warrior classes and exploiting their abilities.

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