A new update to the game GTA Online gives players a rare gift..

And other rewards and challenges within the weekly game update..
GTA Online PlayStation
GTA Online is still in its prime until this moment due to the constant updates from Rockstar and its support with bonus content and free stuff. And by the way, there is a new update that gives you a rare gift.

Rockstar routinely gives GTA Online players bonuses linked to different modes in the weekly update to motivate the community to play different parts of the game, but these bonuses are usually dropped either two or three times the money in the game and players usually earn RP reputation points. But this week’s update is different because it offers a rare reward that is not a triple, but rather a quadruple of the rewards.

Players will be able to get 4 times more rewards if they try a specific event or mode in the game, which is the Cross the Line mode, which players are likely to already be familiar with. Rockstar themselves have called these bonuses “unprecedented,” so it’s already a rare opportunity with no prospect of a comeback.

The company explained the phase and its idea and how players can get four times the rewards by saying the following through its Twitter account:

A tense team-on-team clash in Cross the Line, where the goal is to move all of your team members across the field to the opponent’s end zone at the same time, and regardless of the outcome all competitors will receive “four-way rewards” for GTA$ and unreputable RP Preceded for their daring to play this week.

Complete the following tasks and you will get their rewards for free as shown below:

Special Cargo Sell Mission Get Graphic Smoking Jacket
Biker Sell Mission Get Green Square Shades
Bunker Sell Mission Get White Vom Feuer Cap
HSW Test Ride
A new feature that players can experience is the ability to drive ultra-fast cars in the PS5 and Xbox Series X editions. Through Hao Street Races, players can get behind the wheel of a custom Astron Custom vehicle this week.

schlagen gt parked in gta online

The Schlagen GT is also included in the Diamond Casino Lucky Wheel, which means you can get it for free if you’re lucky this week.

This week’s Prize Ride is the Jester Classic, worth $790,000. To win it, you have to be number one in the Car Meet races for 4 consecutive days.

Finally, in other missions, players will get double the rewards earned when playing or returning them. Will you seize the opportunity..?

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