Watch an in-depth review of Saints Row’s customization system.

Everything can be modified, from your hair to your own vehicle
News last update: April 21, 2022
Today, Volition Studios released a new video that showcases Saints Row’s customization and customization system. Which extends from modifying your character to your vehicle and also the arsenal of weapons that will be available to you.

The new 23-minute clip below shows how players will be able to customize their characters, weapons, vehicles, headquarters, and more when the open-world game launches later this year.

The game’s publisher, Deep Silver, revealed a reboot of the Saints Row series at Gamescom 2021 last August.

Saints Row, the fifth installment in the series, will arrive on Xbox Series X/S, PS5, Xbox One, PS4 and PC via Epic Games in August of this year.

The events of the game revolve around a group of criminals called the Saints, which the player will join, as they will try to make it a new criminal syndicate in the Southwest region of America called Santo Eliso.

Warning: The video below may contain indecent scenes

As in most previous Saints Row games, there are also three rival gangs in the area, each with its own different style and characteristics: Los Panteros, The Idols, and Marshall Defense Technologies.

The game was supposed to be released in February of this year, but it was announced before the end of last year that it was postponed to August 23 of this year 2022.

By watching the new video, do you think the re-release of the Saints Row series will impress fans of this genre?

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