The performer of Nathan Drake in Uncharted 4 reveals sensitive details related to the exit of the series’ story writer…

She got kicked out of Naughty Dog and they got rid of everything she did
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Uncharted 4 was and still is one of the greatest projects launched by Naughty Dog studio, and fans of the series are still hoping to release a fifth part, but it seems that what is hidden is greater with the emergence of sensitive details by the lead character of Nathan Drake.

Nolan North led the character of Nathan Drake as a voice and acting over the passage of parts of the series and his role ended with the release of the last major parts in 2016 through the game Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End. The community of players is still hoping to obtain any evidence confirming the existence of a new part, especially since it was recently one of the job vacancies in the studio, which indicated that the series did not end, as we mentioned in a previous news published hours ago.

Nolan claimed that Naughty Dog got rid of everything that was done in the series after Amy Henning, the series’ story writer, left. It is reported that long after the writer left the studio, her departure was surrounded by mystery, with IGN promoting a theory that she was “forced” out. Although co-writer Mitch Dyer later claimed that the studio forced him to turn the incident into a regular.

But the writer’s silence and the circumstances surrounding her sudden departure remained a question mark, but not anymore. Where the actor mentioned serious and sensitive details about Amy’s departure by hosting him on Cochsoup’s YouTube channel, stating the following:

The biggest thing most people probably remember is the problem with Amy Hennig where she stayed with us in Flying Uncharted 4 for about seven months and got into the game pretty well.

Then she got kicked out of Naughty Dog and they got rid of everything we did, as the studio reworked everything. Where Amy’s story gave us different roles and characters, and after her expulsion, the roles and tasks changed.

Troy Baker then came to play Sam and Laura Bailey joined the cast to play Nadi.

Financially, it was great…but that’s business, I was glad at the time that Naughty Dog didn’t cancel the game after all that trouble.

Amy was eventually credited with working on the game and has since built her own company working on the upcoming Forspoken game exclusive to the PlayStation 5. Yesterday it was announced that she will be working on a new Star Wars game with Skydance studio.

After this news, do you hope that the series will return with a fifth part or a reboot for it again, for example..?

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