The former PlayStation boss describes the PS4 video in which he mocks the Xbox One in his best memories!

He did not deny Sony's failure to support the PS Vita and the fall of PSN in 2011.
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Do you remember the short video that was published in 2013, via the official PlayStation channel on YouTube, showing users how to share PS4 games with each other? It was the shortest video ever to be uploaded to the channel at the time and was intended as a mockery of Microsoft for restricting game sharing on Xbox One.

Jack Triton, the former CEO of PlayStation US, shares his "best PS4 memories" and the best of it during his 10-year tenure.

For those who did not remember, Microsoft tried to prevent the sharing of used Xbox One games between players by connecting the permanent device to the Internet to play the games, whatever they were. Which sparked widespread controversy at the time, prompting the company, after a short period, to retract it.

Sony took advantage of the matter in a media manner at the time and released a video in which Yoshida appears with one of the media, explaining how easy it is to share the exchange of used PS4 games between users of the device.

During an exclusive interview on the Axios website, Triton touched upon the moment he appeared with Yoshida to mock Microsoft, describing it as one of the moments he still remembered.

Now Triton is working in a third party and has direct dealings with Microsoft, but he joked that he does not express that moment publicly in front of everyone that it is his best so far.

I have a lot of friends at Microsoft now. I had a lot of friends at the time, and I wasn't necessarily looking forward to doing it at their expense. I just feel good about it.

Jack Tretton, Former PlayStation CEO, On His Indie Venture And The Future – GameSpot
Jack Triton
This did not prevent Triton from mentioning the worst situation, which many of us have not forgotten, which is the outage of the PSN network in 2011, which lasted for several months after being subjected to a widespread penetration.
Triton also hoped that he had worked to improve sales of the PS Vita, as he felt that he did not get the right opportunity for marketing and support from them. Finally, he talked about the PlayStation VR glasses, which could have been improved as well.
There are a lot of satirical situations that extinguish the atmosphere of fun and remain stuck in the minds of many of them for several years, and to be honest with you, this video is still among my favorite videos that I enjoy watching from time to time.

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