Officially: You can now update the DualSense controller via the computer, here are the requirements and steps

The application is now available in all regions and in all languages
DualSense PS5 Update App
Today, Sony officially launched the new PlayStation 5 console update application, DualSense, on PC. Through this application, the unit can be updated without the need to connect it to the PlayStation 5 via a USB cable.

The application is now available in all regions and in all languages, and through this report, we will accompany you with the most important details and requirements for operation.

DualSense Controller Update Application Requirements
Windows 10 (64 bit) or Windows 11
Storage space 10MB or more
Resolution (screen) 1024 x 768 or higher
USB input required
Steps to download and update the console
If this is the first time you have updated the console firmware, the application needs to be installed on your Windows computer. The next time you need to update the firmware, start at step 3.

Download [DualSense Wireless Controller Firmware Update] and save it to your desktop or somewhere else. Update download link
Run the installation file and then follow the on-screen instructions to install the application.
During the installation process, you may see a request to download additional software required to use [DualSense Wireless Controller Firmware Update]. To download this software, follow the on-screen instructions.
Run [DualSense Wireless Controller Firmware Updater].
Use a USB cable to connect your console to your Windows computer and then follow the onscreen instructions to start the update. Do not turn off your Windows computer and do not unplug the USB cable during the update.
After the update is complete, a message appears. Select [OK] to finish the process.
Note: These steps mentioned are for updating a single DualSense Controller. To update another console you have to start from step 4 all over again and update the new console.

In previous news, we talked about a patent that appeared earlier this month on the Internet, indicating that Sony will allow the ability to update the PlayStation 5 console via the PC. In return for completely dispensing with the process of updating it through the device itself.

Sony usually releases a new update for the DualSense controller every time it releases a new update for the PlayStation 5 operating system.

Do you think that this step from Sony is of great importance to you as a user of the PlayStation 5 device now or in the future?

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