A teenager displays his skills in driving his father’s car in GTA5 style, and the end is tragic

We can’t deny that it was good at first
There is no doubt that most fans of GTA in general and GTA5 in particular are teenagers who love driving, chasing, and so on. And this teenager who wanted to take advantage of his father’s confidence in him by using the style of GTA style in order to show his skills in front of his father.

It all started when the father and his son arrived at the parking garage. It seems that the place was empty of crowded vehicles, tempted the teenage son to take advantage of the opportunity and convince his father, who owns a channel on the Tik Tok platform, to make a video using the GTA5 style of driving, or as it is known among the GTA teen community. style.

He watched me “GTA style” before wandering around the parking lot, dodging various obstacles in his path..

The father wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to make a special video for his channel, so he fell into the nets of his son, who began driving the vehicle, twisting it between the columns and sliding it from one place to another, although at first the child seemed to control the vehicle well until the moment of disaster came.

Yes, the vehicle was caught by one of the lampposts after the teenager lost control of it, and although the video was cut out for the moment of the collision, the damage appears to be exorbitant, but we hope that the child did not suffer any harm or that the child’s father had a heart attack after losing his vehicle.

After the video spread on social media platforms and gaming forums, a lot of funny and sarcastic comments about this incident started. Below are some of them..

Now let’s see how much that will cost in customer service in Los Santos…

As soon as I saw the spaces and these movements, I knew something was going to happen.

The father wanted to get some dollars by showing his son a GTA style video, but it seems that it is out of control now..

In the end, although the father’s decision was hasty and reckless, we wish safety for the child and for the father who may have a heart attack after witnessing his precious vehicle crash in front of his eyes.

This may be a harsh lesson for this father and for everyone who exploits his children and money for fame..

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