A PlayStation animator hints at The Last of us Remake

PlayStation has some solid games released this year
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We haven’t heard yet officially about a new project from Naughty Dog studio dedicated to the PlayStation 5, but strong rumors confirm that The Last Of Us Remake is currently being worked on.

The animator who works for the PlayStation studio “Visual Arts” has revealed that the PlayStation is working on an undisclosed title that will be launched during this year 2022. This is through a series of tweets that were monitored by user Okami13.

The user confirmed Robert Morrison, a veteran game animator who recently worked on God of War at Santa Monica studio, that the PlayStation has some solid games released this year and also hinted at an undisclosed project he was working on.

According to the illustrator’s LinkedIn bio, Morrison is currently working at Visual Arts, the same studio that we previously unofficially learned is working on a remake of The Last of Us on PlayStation 5, which has been confirmed by several reports.

Many of those reports were indicating that the project might be an improved or redeveloped version of the first part of the survival and horror game The last of us in the form of Remake., which was noted by many social media users via his account.

The illustrator further confirmed that he was working on a title that took a five-year period before leaving Sony, a project that has yet to be announced. However, the artist returned to Sony Studios in 2021. It is not clear if that project timeline relates to his current project at Visual Arts Studio.

We remember how several previous reports, including the one issued by Bloomberg magazine, confirmed that Sony is reproducing The Last Of Us, which is in development at Naughty Dog, to coincide with the upcoming TV series on HBO, where the report indicated that the project was originally under development before Converting PlayStation VA Studio to a specific role in supporting game development.

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