The new PlayStation Plus vs. Xbox Game Pass..

new PlayStation Plus service , which will compete with the Xbox Game Pass . It is now appropriate to put the two services side by side and to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each in front of each other.

Sony has restructured the PlayStation Plus service and presented it in the form of 3 packages instead of one fixed package. These packages will offer different features with varying prices for each one.advertisement

Sony also did not want to change the name of the service, to keep it on the same previous name “PlayStation Plus – PS Plus” with sub-names for each of the three packages. It is the “Basic” package, the “Extra” package, and the “Premium” package, with the deluxe package dedicated to regions that have not reached the PlayStation Now cloud service. You can view the details of each package through this report .

New PlayStation Plus vs Xbox Game Pass

Putting the two services face to face against each other may be unfair, at least in the current stage. The new PlayStation service has not yet been released and is still hesitantly taking its first steps, while the Xbox service has been available for several years and has been well received by a large audience for reasons that many know, and we will discuss them in the aspects of comparison in this report.

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The new PlayStation Plus service is a marriage between the previous Plus service and the PlayStation Now cloud service with some classic games and old current generation games. As for the Xbox Game Pass service, it can be said that it is the Netflix gaming platform, where Microsoft pumps a set of games to it, whether from its own studios or third-party studios and companies. And the service gets renewed and expanded on a monthly basis.

Microsoft has also expanded this idea with the release of PC Game Pass for Windows PCs and the Game Pass Ultimate package that combines gamepasses with a gold subscription.

PropertiesThe new PlayStation PlusXbox Game Pass
CategoriesThere are 3 packages: Basic, Extra, and Premium.Deluxe package for areas not supported by cloud serviceThere are 3 packages: the home appliances package, the PC package, and the Game Pass Ultimate package.
Monthly subscription feeBasic = $10Extra = $15Premium $18Home Appliances Package = $10PC bundle = $10Game Pass Ultimate Package = $15
Annual subscription feeBasic = $60Extra = $100Premium = $120nothing
family plannothingnothing
Extra featuresDownloadable monthly gamesMonthly free gold games, cloud games, EA Play games.
Access to the classic gamesYes, PlayStation 1, 2, 3 and PSP games (depending on the package)Yes, on Xbox One, 360 and Series.
Try the games before you buyyesFor some EA Play games
Exclusive discountsyesyes
cloud saveYes (active subscription)Yes (without an active subscription)

The idea of ​​Game Pass Ultimate is closely aligned with the new PlayStation Plus service, as it combines Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold in one package. With additional incentives like EA Play, and access to Xbox Cloud Gaming.

On the other hand, although Sony’s new service will not provide first-party titles from the first day of its launch on the market, it still has a huge library of games that can lure subscribers and attract them to its new service. Sony has confirmed that many large games from the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 games library will reach the Extra and Premium packages in varying degrees.

We know that Sony has a great treasure, which is its exclusive titles from PlayStation studios, which cannot be compared with Xbox games, at least for the time being. This is an element of strength that Sony can use to attract subscribers to the service.

Sony initially confirmed that a group of its big titles will be available on the first day of the service’s launch in June. Like Returnal, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and others ( you can find them here ) while you’ll be bringing more simultaneously during the post-launch period.

On the other hand, Microsoft is working on releasing its big and new titles from its first day through the Xbox Game Pass service, and we have witnessed the emergence of games such as Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5 through the service, as these titles are considered one of the largest Xbox launches during the last period.

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Microsoft’s approach, which sees the monthly subscription service as the future of video games and the industry, differs from Sony’s approach, which believes that offering first-party titles from the first day in a monthly service will harm the quality of production of these games and will have negative repercussions on their development budget.

Also in terms of compatibility with games of past generations, although Sony will bring a number of its classic titles on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 platforms through the new PlayStation Plus packages. However, Microsoft preceded it in this and made accessing the previous Xbox game library easy and fast by supporting the pre-compatibility feature from the beginning.

Sony also faces some obstacles in providing PlayStation 3 games on the current platforms, as these games will only be available through the cloud service. This means that subscribers in the Middle East and some parts of Europe may not get full access to the device’s games.

So, there are strengths and weaknesses of the new PlayStation Plus service versus the Xbox Game Pass. But do not forget that Sony’s service is still a newborn, and there is still a long time for this service to begin to take shape and reach its true strength and appearance.

On the other hand, it is good to see Sony finally convinced of the idea of ​​the monthly service, which it was opposed to several months ago. We hope that there will be more details that Sony discloses before the launch of the service in the month of June (6).

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