Should failure be the fate of films and series inspired by electronic games?

The video games and electronic games industry is developing beyond what anyone ever expected, and many game names have become commercial icons, and their market profits exceed what the largest Hollywood films and other films can achieve.

The size of the video game market has reached more than 203 billion dollars in 2020, and the size of this market is expected to reach about 546 billion dollars in 2028, and the number of people who play these games has reached 2.69 billion players around the world, according to what I mentioned Fortune Business Insights.

For several years, many movie production companies or even game developers have been trying to exploit successful video games that have a plot and plot in their field. In order to use its commercial name in the field of cinema and achieve additional profits, whether through films or series. Which is doomed to failure in many cases.

Failed attempts to capitalize on the success of video games began with the inspiration of the “Super Mario” characters, the most famous title during the eighties and nineties of the last century. The movie “The Mario Brothers” reviewed the adventures of two brothers Mario and Luigi, who work as plumbers and get involved in entering a parallel dimension in order to save the princess, a movie that many Mario and movie fans wish to be erased from the memory of cinema forever.

Edge of tomorrow
It did not stop there, as it continued through many unsuccessful attempts, as happened with the famous fighting title movie from the “Street Fighter” series, which quickly joined the “Limbo” list, so the attempts stopped for a period of time and returned again. .

limited success
The abnormal is not limited to language only, but extends to other fields in physics, nature and other fields subject to order, cosmic laws and logical criteria. considerations.

One of them is that the success it obtained did not reach the level of its success as titles for video games, in addition to that its success was limited to some parts, while others did not obtain the same commercial success and artistic fame, and then we witnessed the release of films such as Far Cry, which is considered one of the worst works of art. Cinematic that was inspired by a very successful video game at the time.

A fresh and more serious start
In recent years, we have begun to witness a success that can be measured, and many agree that it is considered a commercial and artistic success at the level of international cinema. The reasons for this are mainly due to making and introducing radical changes to the events and plot of the story compared to the past when the director was forced to link the events that appeared in the game and simulate them within an hour and a half movie.

The filmmakers and series have suffered this time, as games are known for having a long story, extending and branching into long side and sub-stories, there are games that need more than 30 hours of playing in order to finish the main story only, and this will be reflected in its very complex plot and needs Rewrite again.

With time, there have been serious attempts to produce more serious films based on electronic games in their main plot, by attracting stars who have proven their worth in the world of acting and enjoy wide popularity, in addition to attempts of very large production and great dazzle at the level of graphics, and most of these works have had acceptable success, although It did not meet the ambitions of volume production.

A somewhat secure future
There is no doubt that technological development and the high production costs of attracting high-quality actors and professional filming with international standards, will contribute significantly to reducing the gap between the success of video game titles in the field of films, although it will be subject to many harsh conditions in order to achieve this.

We witnessed the success of The Witcher series, which was adapted from the original from a famous Hungarian novel that many readers around the world know, and the success continues even with the release of the new parts, and no two disagree that it is considered one of the most successful series adapted from electronic games.

The project now awaited is The Last of Us series, which is completely adapted from the exclusive PlayStation title and produced by Sony, and many gamers and movie fans are placing high hopes on it.

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