Sega is putting in a huge budget to revive the famous Crazy Taxi game.

Within the huge Super Game project
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Crazy Taxi Crazy Taxi
Several reports indicate that Sega is preparing to revive Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio with versions of Redoot, and a huge budget has been allocated for this.

Sega recently revealed what is known as the “Super Project” or “Super Game”, which later turned out to be several huge AAA projects. Today, one of the sources reveals the first two projects that will be brought back to life within this huge project.

Bloomberg (via VGC) based on its own sources has claimed that the revivals will initially go to Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio, as part of Sega’s ‘Super Game’ five-year initiative.

According to the new report, both games are in the early stages of construction and could be canceled if the plan changes, but it is believed that the new Crazy Taxi has already been in development for more than a year, with the goal of launching in 2024 or 2025.

According to the same source, Sega will use Fortnite as a base model for what it intends to achieve with these returning games. With plans to make it free, available across a number of different platforms, and support for the online multiplayer system, it includes various items and events designed to encourage spending using microtransactions.

SEGA recently shed more light on its “super” project, explaining that it refers to multiple AAA projects, some of which could include cloud play technology and cryptographic items known as NFTs tokens, as the company revealed during a financial results meeting last year that its long-term plan included A five-year strategy billed as a Super Game.

Crazy Taxi game original version

Shuji Atsumi, CEO of the company, said that NFTs tokens are only a natural extension of the future of gaming, as he believes that it will expand to include new areas such as cloud games. Noting, however, that these large addresses of the project will fully support these encrypted tokens.

The company will invest 882 million US dollars to make its mega project plan stand-alone, as confirmed by VGC. At first, we thought that the plan for the super project was only one project, but one of the internal sources close to the company confirmed that it is in fact several huge projects with a large budget.

Yes, Crazy Taxi game will be back again..

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