Microsoft was trying to buy Blizzard more than 20 years ago

Ed Fries “Ed Fries” is one of the reputable names in Microsoft, which I learned earlier in the field of publishing games on the Xbox, as well as bringing many third-party games until 2004.

Ed Fries in a recent interview on the 105th episode of Xbox Era shared some memories of his career with the green giant, as well as many interesting details.

Through his statements, it became clear that Microsoft had tried, earlier, more than once, to acquire the publisher and developer Blizzard during his time with the company, and this is due to the latter’s cooperation with the company in many areas and in developing games with it.

Fries confirmed that the company came close to realizing its acquisition dream when it was available for sale in 1996, but that non-video game company Cendant Software was able to acquire it due to a larger financial offer, which Fries found ironic to him.

Before Blizzard’s merger with Activision, the green giant lost the race twice due to larger financial offers, as the company was sold 3 times before it, and after the release of World of Warcraft, the financial value of the company rose so much and there was no option to buy at all.

Fries also talked about other game studios that were very close to becoming a Microsoft owner such as Westwood Studios, developer of strategic games Command & Conquer, a deal that was about to be completed and finalized, but his leaving the purchase on a wedding holiday was a valuable opportunity from the publisher EA in order to hijack the deal.

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