Jason Momoa could be the star of the next Minecraft movie.

Warner Bros. is looking to turn Minecraft into a movie series if the first part is successful
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Minecraft movie
Some new reports indicate that Warner Bros. has begun negotiations with the famous film star Jason Momoa, the hero of the Aquaman movie, to play the role of the new Minecraft movie hero.

According to a report published by The Ankler, Warner Bros.’ ownership of the rights to Minecraft expires in January 2023, which means that the studio must begin production of the movie before that date.

In addition to co-star Momoa, it appears that Warner Bros. has teamed up with Jared Hess to direct the film. Hess is famous for directing Napoleon Dynamite and Nacho Lieber.

The report also indicated that Warner Bros. is looking to turn the Minecraft movie into a series if the first movie is a success. Recently, Sonic the Hedgehog proved that movies based on video games can be a hit. Warner Bros. seems to be hoping that a Minecraft movie will be the next step in continuing this success.

It is noteworthy that the film faced many problems in production and directing, which lasted a decade, as the director of Night at the Museum, Sean Levy, was supposed to direct the film, but he left Warner Bros and work on the film was frozen for several years.

Levy was replaced by It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia director Rob McElhenney, but also later dropped out. In 2016, the film was in the scriptwriting stage, and the producers said at the time that the film would target the same audience as Jurassic World.

Since then, the film has gone into decline due to the loss of directors, multiple release dates and repeated delays until it settled on a March 4, 2022 release date, but that of course did not happen.

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