How to play and unlock all hidden teams in eFootball 2022

A trick discovered by players allows you to bypass the restrictions placed on those 25 hidden teams
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eFootball 2022 eFootball 2022
Several days ago, the awaited update was released v1.0.0 for the free football game eFootball 2022, which is supposed to transfer the game to the full version and improve it in all aspects that players have complained about.

The new update of the game fixes all the technical problems that the game appeared in when it was first released, in addition to bringing a large group of tactical improvements in the game, in addition to bringing more awaited content such as the “Dream Team” game mode that was previously introduced as “Dream Team” Creative Team” where players will be able to enjoy building their own team and participate in other dream teams from all over the world that will compete in FUT in FIFA.

Many players are wondering how to play with the hidden teams within the game that you cannot play, which are 25 hidden teams from different leagues. It is not yet known why the developer has done this, as everyone thinks that it will be a paid DLC package that will be released in the future, and some think that it will appear by winning matches and various events.

However, there is a trick that players have discovered that allows you to bypass the restrictions placed on those 25 hidden teams, by following the following steps carefully..

Go to the main menu and open the “Add-ons” option.
Then choose Training Mode or “Free Training” which is the key to everything
Choose a specific club available to you, and once you enter the stadium, open the pause menu “Settings” and then “Training settings”
Now set the difficulty level of the match in the option called “Match Level” and increase the number of players to 11.
Then choose the “home and away” setting to have access to the full list of teams.
Close the configuration menu and then go back to training and you can play a match (unlimited time) with the team of your choice.
eFootball 2022

Key Features of the new 1.0.0 eFootball 2022 Update
Seasons System
New “Dream Team” game mode
Stunning Kicks
New modes, licenses and control settings
It was also confirmed that some of the features that players are looking forward to will not be available in eFootball 2022 Update No. 1.0.0. The following company statement stated:

We received a lot of questions regarding the “Master League”, “Edit”, “Team Play”, “Co-op” and “Match Lobby” where you can create rooms to play with your friends. Unfortunately, it will not be included in version 1.0.0. We ask for your patience until they are ready to launch.

We remind our followers that a spokesperson for the game publisher indicated that the Master League game mode will not be included in version 1.0.0. Instead, players will have to wait for it to be added at a later time. Although the developer hasn’t confirmed exactly when that will happen, they have asked users to “be patient until they are ready to launch it.”

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