Exclusive: Sony announces acquisition of exclusive rights to GTA 6.

It is a big surprise, and it will be heavier on the Xbox fans after Sony announced the signing of an agreement with Rockstar to get the exclusive game GTA 6 when it is released in the very, very, very distant future.

According to what was announced, Sony collected a large number of its best men, including Hajj Jim Ryan, Hajj Yoshida and others, and went with them to the Rockstar headquarters in the Maldives in order to obtain the rights to publish the game on PlayStation 6 or 7.

According to pamphlets that Sony distributed in the streets of the city, it was confirmed that an agreement to acquire the exclusive GTA 6 game had been signed at Al Baik Restaurant in Jeddah, King Abdullah Road in Al Sharqiya, and surprisingly, Rockstar drummer Ahmed Al Kayadi was summoned to attend the signing ceremony.

The so-called Ahmed Al-Kiyadi has expressed that he will be committed to drumming for Rockstar and the game GTA 6 in order to obtain a free copy of the game before its release and to monopolize enjoying the game for himself while he goes out through his Twitter account and provokes the Rockstar fans by publishing pictures from inside the game.

For its part, Sony said that it will make the game compatible with the PlayStation 6 or PlayStation 7, as Rockstar is currently still in the stage of manipulating its fans, and has not specified the launch date of its game, which is expected to be released after a long time, which may exceed 10 or even 15 years.

In general, we in the VGA4A group condemn the invitation of Ahmed Al-Kiyadi personally and the harassing of the team, who has long been a drum for Rockstar, especially Abboud, who loves to search for the mysteries and secrets of the game Red Dead Redemption 2 and annoys us with it from time to time. Where he expressed his dissatisfaction with the matter and decided to write a will for his children not to play the game GTA 6 when it was released after 50 years.

While the editor on the site, Maher Maysara, expressed that he was upset that he was not invited at least to attend the signing ceremony for the exclusive GTA 6 with Sony, and to miss the delicious Al Baik meal and the open buffet as he described it. He also announced a boycott of the game and wrote a will copied from Abboud’s will.

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