eFootball 2022 Update No. 1.0.0 The full version is now available to everyone, here are the details

eFootball 2022 update 1.0.0, which brings us the full version of the game, is now available to everyone for free. Konami has revealed details of the content that the update will bring to the free game.

In addition to the technical and technical fixes that the new update will bring, this update will see the addition of new modes, licenses and new control settings to bring the football simulation that the game fans have been waiting for.

Also in regards to the Seasons system is a new element that brings realistic football themes to eFootball 2022, which includes challenges for players every week to test abilities. The first season will start on April 21st.

The update will also bring a new “Dream Team” game mode, which introduces a revamped gameplay system, including new ways to acquire players and train. This will allow users to create their own team more freely and strategically.

The new eFootball 2022 update 1.0.0 will also introduce Stunning Kicks, giving players the ability to alter the attack tempo with a sharp pass and attempt a decisive hit on target with stronger shots.

The most important features of the new eFootball 2022 update No. 1.0.0
Seasons System
New “Dream Team” game mode
Stunning Kicks
New modes, licenses and control settings
It was also confirmed that some of the features that players are looking forward to will not be available in eFootball 2022 Update No. 1.0.0. The following company statement stated:

We received a lot of questions regarding the “Master League”, “Edit”, “Team Play”, “Co-op” and “Match Lobby” where you can create rooms to play with your friends. Unfortunately, it will not be included in version 1.0.0. We ask for your patience until they are ready to launch.

For its part, Konami confirmed that the launch version is a trial version that is not complete, while the 1.0.0 update will work to transfer it to the full version. Since that time, the launch of the update has been postponed until the problems of the game that have received multiple updates are fixed, although it remains below the expected level.

The game got very low ratings on the global ratings site Metacritic, due to the amount of bugs and technical problems that appeared in it shortly after its launch. Which prompted the game’s audience to criticize and ridicule it stingly, so that the audience’s ratings on the global evaluation sites made it the worst in the history of the company and the series as well.

With the release of the 1.0.0 update for eFootball 2022, we expect it to bring the game to a level close to the expectations of the fans of the PES football series.

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