A strange story told to us by the character performer of Franklin, the hero of GTA 5, who almost got out of the game

How can we imagine Franklin’s character without Fontino?!
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Sean Fonteno, the role of the beloved character Franklin Clinton in GTA 5, almost left the role in the famous game and lost the fame he got after the success of the game.

The actor played Franklin Clinton in the popular 2013 game Rockstar. He impresses players as a real street crook trying to climb the criminal ladder. By the end of the game, Clinton was able to secure a home for himself in Vinewood Hills with a breathtaking view of Los Santos.

However, actor Sean Fonteno almost walked away from the character early on in the game’s production. In his new book Game Changer: My Journey From the Streets to Your Video Game Console (a rather long name), he talks about his journey with the championship at Rockstar and shares some rare insights into the making of GTA 5.

On his first day, Fonteno thought he would only record his voice, but then realized it would be a full-body performance of MO CAP. He was asked to wear a tight-fitting suit to capture the action in the locker room and out onto the stage. But Fonteno began to feel dumb and ashamed and began to think. Then, to everyone’s surprise, he escaped from the motion-capture stage and returned to his dressing room, where he was preparing to take off his suit and step down entirely.

Fonteno was not convinced to return until the GTA 5 director met him to try to calm him down. In the end, according to Fonteno, the director made a compromise and ordered all of the Rockstar employees present to wear a motion capture suit, which helped calm him.

It is difficult to imagine how the character of Franklin could be presented without Fontino performing the character, whether in voice or movement, as it gained its own identity and became very popular among the characters of the heroes of the series.

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