A Sony developer hints at another exclusive title with the power of God Of War Ragnarok coming this year..

Maybe The Last Of Us Remake..!
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Sony launched this year with the launch of its first exclusives, through which it completed the journey of the heroine “Alwi” and this year we will complete the adventure of “Kritos” through the game God Of War Ragnarok, but is this all that Sony has ..?

One of the developers working in the PlayStation Studios confirmed through his tweets that he attached to reliable sources on Twitter, that he is currently working on a new project with the power of God Of War Ragnarok and it will be released this year, meaning that Sony will not conclude this year with only two exclusives.

The developer named Robert Morrison, who received a gift from Sony and on this occasion, said that the company has an exclusive new project that will be released this year other than the game Ragnarok and completed the following:

I’m not working on Ragnarok but on another project just as powerful.

How hard it feels when you’ve been working on something for 3 to 5 years and can’t talk about it.

With these words, the developer concluded his tweet and put the players at a loss to expect the identity of the new project coming from Sony, which has been under development for 3 to 5 years. Would it be, for example, the game The Last Of Us Remake being the highly anticipated and expected project these days..?

We also do not forget that Corey Barlog, the creative director of God Of War 2018, is also working on a new game project within the Santa Monica studio, but this project has not been revealed so far.

But according to these statements, this title is coming during this year, so this does not make us rule out The Last Of Us Remake.

It is reported that yesterday, David Jaff opened fire on himself when he stated that he saw that the next part of the God Of War series is nothing but additional content for the part that was released in 2018, as he was attacked by fans of the series, forcing him to come out and justify his words and you can follow The rest of the details are here.

What are your expectations, our followers, what is the new project coming this year, which matches the game God Of War Ragnarok in terms of strength, exclusively for PlayStation devices..!

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